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Mai Fukui Unlimited!

Mai Fukui has performed an eclectic programme in Osaka – “Mai Fukui Unlimited Harp Recital!”. It ranged from Bach, Zabel, Debussy, and Walter-Kühne, to Piazzolla, da Falla, and Hashimoto – and then, Baroque Flamenco and Hotel California on the DHC Blue Light.

Japanese readers will enjoy the newspaper report below, ‘The Harp of the 21st Century’. It’s an interview about Mai’s work with the DHC Blue Light. She describes how she discovered this harp (via one of Deborah Henson-Conant DVDs!), discusses the use of amplification and effects, and explains why it’s important for harpists today to have access to such instruments.

Mai Fukui / Harps Unlimited Harp Recital

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