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Camac @ the Celtic village – La Parisienne 2015

La Parisienne 2015

La Parisienne is a huge annual race in Paris, open exclusively to women. It was created by Patrick Aknin, in order to celebrate women’s sport, and to combat the overwhelmingly masculine focus of sports media. The event is inspired by other women’s races, but is not competitive: there is no compulsory distance, or group of elite professional athletes at the front. Instead, there is a variety of different challenges and courses you can take up, from running with your mum to getting a group of at least ten of your colleagues together.

In fact, maybe instead of calling it a race, it’s better to call it a party. There are training weekends in advance of the event, building the sense of a community, and  a lot of stands and presence from the race’s partners. It all culminates under the Eiffel Tower with a big village full of exhibits, dances and other performances.

We were very pleased to support La Parisienne with the loan of four instruments for their village. This year, it was a Celtic village – and if you’ve got a Celtic village, you need some of our lever harps in it…

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