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April 24th: Bonne-Espérance 2016

Bonne-Espérance 2016


We enjoy a long collaboration with Sophie Hallynck and Les Amis de la Harpe Mosane, organising an annual day of concerts and masterclasses in the splendid setting of the Abbaye de Bonne Espérance. This year we were delighted to welcome Agnès Clément, winner of the USA International Harp Competition in 2010, to begin the day with a concert apéritif at 11:00. This was followed by a chamber music performance – the refreshingly unusual combination of harp and bassoon – with Aurore Grailet and Joanie Carlier. In the afternoon, there was a chance to hear Belgium’s finest emerging harp talents, before Duo Descofar took to the stage for some unforgettable contemporary electro-folk. The harp day was accompanied by a Camac regulation tour throughout Belgium, starting near the Franco-Belgium border on April 18th, and finishing up at the Abbaye de Bonne-Espérance on April 24th.


 Bonne-Espérance 2016

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