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A legendary tradition: our new Excalibur

We are delighted to present our new lever harp to you: the Excalibur.

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In the image of its namesake, the enchanted sword of King Arthur, it is impossible to resist its magic. Like the legend, Excalibur will leave its mark on history. This spectacular harp is the result of our collaboration with a sensational artist: François Pernel.

The Excalibur is a large lever harp. Its specially-designed soundboard gives it an exceptionally powerful sound, and an incomparably rich range of frequencies. Its 38 fluorocarbon strings have a balanced tension throughout the range, facilitating great virtuosity and precision for the harpist.

It is not the first Excalibur harp we have made. In the time of Joël Garnier, Excalibur was already part of our lever harp range. Twenty years later, it has been reincarnated in a state-of-the-art form. It is the result of long years of research carried out by our engineers and our master craftsmen.

The lever harp has earned its respected position in music throughout the world. Lever harpists lead their instrument in ever-bolder directions, more dynamic and contemporary by the day. It is this creativity and modernity which particularly defines the music of François Pernel.

For all commercial enquiries relating to the new Excalibur, please contact us in Mouzeil, or via your nearest Camac partner.


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