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Results of the Dasson An Delenn competition 2017

June 4, 2017

Ca y est! Here are the results of the most senior category at Dasson an Delenn, our lever harp competition at home in Brittany. Read more…

10th Camac Trophy, Lorient Interceltic Festival

May 24, 2017

We @ Camac have always loved the lever harp. We aim to cater for every sector of this highly diverse and creative field, and we… Read more…

The Conservatoire Populaire, Geneva, opens a second harp class

March 30, 2015

An additional harp class and a dynamic outreach project by the Conservatoire Populaire in Geneva. Read more…

Dasson An Delenn: our Breton lever harp competition

April 5, 2015

Dasson An Delenn - "the resonance of the harp" - is our lever harp competition with special focus on Breton music. Read more…

An invitation to a journey: our new Ulysse

April 7, 2015

An ultra-light, concert-quality harp created together with Elisa Vellia, the Ulysse is the new crown of our lever range. Read more…

32nd Rencontres Internationales des Harpes Celtiques, July 8th – 12th 2015, Dinan

July 14, 2015

CamacCam returns to the big screen with a video about the incomparable Rencontres Internationales des Harpes Celtiques in Dinan, Brittany. Read more…

A legendary tradition: our new Excalibur

July 14, 2015

We are delighted to present our new lever harp to you: the Excalibur. Read more…

Frozen finishes

July 2, 2015

You can broadly divide the Camac office into those who have got their finger on pop culture, and those of us who say "Lady Gaga's… Read more…

Book learning

April 4, 2015

Glasgow-based harpist Charlotte Sager boosts her teaching with lessons in Blackwells Bookshop. Read more…

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