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Summer vacation closure for Camac France

Summer holidays 2019

Try keeping the production of fine musical instruments running smoothly, when all your craftsmen go on holiday at different times. This is why everyone at Camac France goes on holiday at the same time. Our ateliers in Mouzeil, and our showroom in Paris, will be closed between Saturday, July 20th, and Sunday, August 18th inclusive. The Camac webshop will also be closed during this period. 
Because our Paris showroom is closed on Mondays, it will reopen on Tuesday, August 20th. 
This means that now is the perfect moment to send us your harp orders, buy strings and music from the web shop, ask our technicians questions, write in with your artistic news…it is an even more perfect moment than 5PM on July 19th. The earlier you get in touch with us prior to the vacations, the better we’ll be able to help you! 
Dates of our partners’ vacations vary, and are communicated by the partners themselves. 
We wish you all a lovely and restorative summer! 

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