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Phoenix: new double album from Evélina Simon

Evélina Simon : PhoenixEvélina Simon, who you may already know from her excellent or the super tutorials she’s made for our Odyssey range, has released a new album. Phoenix is a double album, with two discs for two different atmospheres. It’s vivacious and reflective by turns, full of love and beautiful colours.

The first album is “Fire”, with Martī Lafond on drums and Hugo Molka on bass. It’s full of sonic experiments, uptempo and dancing with reggae, pop and world music influences. You can play the second album, “Water”, when you’re feeling like something quieter: Evélina adds the flute to her harp and vocals, and explores the Celtic and folk music sides of her musical universe. “My compositions bring all sorts of musics together”, explains Evélina, “and I didn’t want to separate them. Equally every album needs its own coherence. That’s why I went for the double album. Also, I worked on it a lot after my twin daughters were born, and our lives became all about what comes in twos…”

On both albums, the harp is the lead instrument and Evéline uses its full range, from bass lines to accompanying figurations and solo melodies. Combined with song and beautiful, personal texts, this is a gorgeous summer addition to every curious harpist and harp-lover’s music library!

Phoenix is available from the Camac webshop, or to download from all the usual platforms.

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