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Results of the 22nd Petar Konjović Competition

22nd Petar Konjovic International Competition, Novi Sad 2017


The harp jury deliberate. L-R: Emanuela Degli Esposti, Stasa Mirkovic Grujic, Chantal Mathieu

We have spent a great weekend at the 22nd Peter Konjović Competition in Novi Sad. Held every two years, this long-running contest is a fixture of the Balkan harp calendar – and also those of other instruments. Petar Konjović is one of Serbia’s most distinguished twentieth-century musicians, and this extensive competition has been held in his honour since 1991. It is a great opportunity for students, with broad range of categories from young beginners, to professionals under the age of twenty-five.

Here are the results!

Concert Harp (candidates born in 1992 or younger)

First prize:  Nađa Dornik

Concert Harp (candidates born in 1998 or younger)

First prize: Anđela Stanković
Second prize: Aleksandra Petrović
Diploma for participation: Olga Marković

Concert Harp (candidates born in 2000 or younger)

First prize: Leto Križanić Žorž
II/1 prize: Marija Zoroja
II/2 prize: Irina Pejoska
III/1 prize: Milica Horvat
III/2 prize: Korana Čiča-Potkonjak
7. place – Lana Dujmović

Concert Harp (candidates born in 2002 or younger)

First prize: Aleksandra Mohorko
II/1 prize: Jernej Mišič
II/2 prize: Minja Stojanović
III/1 prize: Teodora Vujošević
III/2 prize: Mariann Patkos
III/3 prize: Zoja Đorđević
7. place: Jelisaveta Nedeljković
8. place: Sara Bajc
9. place: Una Dejanović

Concert Harp (candidates born in 2005 or younger)

First prize: Kristal Fortunat
II/1 prize: Maja Patkos
II/2 prize: Adrian Ignjatović
III/1 prize: Mila Marinković
III/2 prize: Anikija Premović
III/3 prize: Lenka Radonjić
7. place: Mima Stevanović
8. place: Hana Đorđević
9. place: Simona Minić
10. place: Ana Mihajlović

Lever harp (candidates born in 2005 or younger)

First prize: Mina Jakovljević
II/1 prize: Hanna Vida Fruzsina
II prize: Milica Stanar
III/1 prize: Aleksandra Radovanović
III/2 prize: Lana Kostić
III/3 prize: Rita Palinkaš

Lever Harp (Candidates born in 2002 or younger)

First prize: Lenka Zdravić
II/1 prize: Ivona Stefanović
II/2 prize: Anja Plavšić

Congratulations to them all!

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