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New “Harp First Aid” available online


Panic no more! Our head technician, Enric De Anciola, has made some new videos, showing you easy DIY answers to two common harp issues. One is how to replace a broken lever by yourself at home; the other is how to “press the pegs”, when your tuning pins slip and no longer hold the string well. It is normal for all harp pins, on all makes of harp, to need a bit of pressing back in from time to time, but it can disconcert those who are new to the instrument. We hope that Enric’s explanations will make life easier for you – if you have questions, he can be contacted directly here


One Reply to “New “Harp First Aid” available online”

  1. Cheryl Slaughter says:

    Très bien fait! Merci beaucoup!

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