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Fitting Levers On Your Odyssey Harp

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Not everyone wants to invest in a full lever harp right at the beginning – but you don’t want to outgrow your harp too fast either. This is a common quandary for new harpists!

To help, we designed the Odyssey harp in a special way. You can order it with levers, or without – so far, so normal; many small harps are available with this option. The Odyssey, however, is the first small harp on the market where you can fit the levers retrospectively, yourself – no harp technician, drilling or specialist equipment required!

You don’t even have to add all the levers at once. Perhaps you want to start with just one or two, or a particular group of notes. You can buy the levers individually, or in sets, from the Odyssey/Camac online store – and the complete set too, including tools.

All you need is the lever kit from our online store, and half an hour to study this video tutorial. In it, Camac President Jakez François shows you that fitting each lever only takes a few minutes. He also shows you how to regulate them afterwards – so you can keep your harp perfectly in tune.

This, and other video guides, are available on the Odyssey YouTube channel. Any questions, just contact us!

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