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Concerts under Hypnosis

For the French-speakers among you, there’s a lot of interesting video reportage about the Concerts under Hypnosis that Rossitza Milevska is doing with saxophonist Geoffrey Secco. There are interviews, press reports, audience impressions and concert teasers. This project is continuing in Paris throughout the Autumn, and is a development of the album they released in early 2016. 

The therapeutic effects of hypnosis span everything from developing better self-confidence, to giving up smoking or losing weight. It has been recognised by the French medical society since 2005, and there now exist more than 3500 trained graduates from the French Hypnosis Institute. Geoffrey and Rossitza’s concerts do not directly hypnotise their audience, but it is a chance to experiment with a lightly altered state of consciousness. By closing their eyes, focusing on each note of the music and freeing themselves from all other distractions, listeners embark on a meditative interior journey – and can be surprised and enlightened by the images that arise. 

Most of the information is currently only available in French, but we can put anyone interested in touch with English-speaking help. 

Featured photo: © Fred Chapotat

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