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10th Camac Trophy, Lorient Interceltic Festival

We @ Camac have always loved the lever harp. We began making harps in the middle of the Celtic Revival in Brittany in the 1970s, we made lever harps before we made pedal ones, and we have always seen it as a concert instrument in its own right. Every professional-grade lever harp we release has been made in collaboration with a world-class artist. We also aim to cater for every sector of this highly diverse and creative field, with as many different stringings, ranges and tensions as possible. We are also active sponsors of lever harp competitions and festivals, such as Dasson An Delenn (coming right up, at the start of June!), the Concours Jakez François, the Dinan Rencontres, and we have also sponsored a Camac Trophy at the Lorient Interceltic Festival for the last decade.

Aziliz, princess finishThe tenth Trophée Camac will take place on August 12th, 2017, in the grand auditorium du Palais des Congrès in Lorient. All competitors must play a suite of tunes, chosen can be from the repertoire of the different Celtic countries. Each year, some music from one particular Celtic country is compulsory: this year, the suite must include at least one Scottish theme. The closing date for applications is July 21st, and the first prize is…a beautiful Aziliz harp!

You can download the flyer with all information here (PDF, 2MB).

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