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Infinity International Online Competition

Infinity International Harp Competition 2022

We are delighted to support the new Infinity International Harp Competition, an online contest based in Hong Kong. “We believe that there are no boundaries in music”, say the organisers. “Therefore, we are organising the Infinity Competition to welcome participants of all ages and levels from all over the world. Our objective is to provide a public performance and competition platform for harp students worldwide to learn and share with each other.”

The event offers young classical harpists no fewer than seventeen different solo categories to compete in, allowing a precise fit with the student’s age and type of harp. There is also a category for adults, and lever and pedal ensemble classes. 

Our French HQ is providing the Camac Grand Prize in each category, and our esteemed partner the Taiwan Harp Center is a co-sponsor. 

Infinity International Harp Competition 2022You can submit your videos any time from now until June 19, and all rules and repertoire information can be found here on the competition site

It is also a valuable opportunity to present yourself to a distinguished jury: Joy Yeh, Juliana Lillie Beckel, Grace Guo, Meng-Lu Chiu and Yuying Chen. Zoom masterclasses with the jury members are also offered to the Grand Prize winners. 

During the pandemic we experienced a huge amount of interest in the online competitions we put on. We are now very pleased to continue supporting the independent organisation of this style of contest, which has proved itself to be an excellent and accessible motivator and source of opportunity. Good luck, and have fun making your videos!

2 Replies to “Infinity International Online Competition”

  1. Wilmots Nathalie says:

    Je viens vers vous en ce qui concerne le concours Infinity Music Harp Competition.
    Ma fille (9 ans) doit jouer 5 minutes ? Doit-elle jouer 2 morceaux ou peut-elle jouer 1 seul morceau qui dure presque 5 minutes ?
    La vidéo ne peut être rendue publique donc doit-elle être en mode privé ou en mode non répertorié ? Si elle est en mode privé ou non répertorié, est-ce certain que le jury ou les organisateurs pourront ouvrir le lien ?
    Bien cordialement
    Nathalie Wilmots

    1. Helen Leitner says:

      Bonjour, veuillez contacter les organisateurs pour toute question artistique : [email protected]. Bien cordialement, Les Harpes Camac

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