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Cristine Merienne: La Note Rouge

Cristine Merienne : La Note Rouge

Full of excitement about Cristine Merienne’s concert for Les Jeudis de la Harpe next Thursday, we’d also like to draw your attention to one of her latest publications! “La note rouge”, “The red note”, is a lovely book-and-CD, beautifully illustrated by Claire Caillebotte. This contains the story and songs from the show of the same name that Cristine created in 2018, together with early years culture specialists Très-tôt-théâtre and JM-France.

During the show, Cristine’s Aziliz harp becomes a toy, a boat – even a spooky tomb. In the  story, inspired by Cristine’s own experiences, a shy little girl is shown an instrument by her grandmother, and which brings her out of her shell. When her grandmother suddenly disappears, the little girl retreats into her inner world. Fortunately, her doll Fredericke brings her out again, and gives her the strength to realize her dreams. La Note Rouge is about how children can form their identity, often with intergenerational help, and the reliance they can acquire through pursuing a passion and a dream.

Cristine Merienne : La Note RougeMany of La Note Rouge’s performances have recently had to be cancelled because of the pandemic, including one at the Harpes au Max festival in Ancenis. But children can enjoy the book and CD (in French), available from the Camac webshop, and watch videos of the show on Cristine’s website. 

Cristine Merienne is currently working on other creations for children – a brand new YouTube channel for both children and teachers, “Mozamuz”. 


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